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Golf is a sport of many paradoxes, where seeming opposites go hand in hand with each other to create an addictive and often mystical experience. The game is a mystifying combination of challenge and relaxation, of work and play, of struggle and accomplishment.

These disparate elements are interwoven on the golf course, a unique setting which likewise is a blend of seemingly contradictory things: nature and the hand of man. But far from being synthetic, a golf course is a synthesis of man's handicraft with the native environment. It is a place where diverse elements are moulded to create a sense of both imposed order and natural beauty.

Artistic golf course photography captures both this natural beauty and the architect's composition of the course. Since the dynamics of opposing elements is where the mystery and passion for the sport have their roots, artistic golf course photography taps into the deepest source of a player's connection to the game.

   About Kevin

Kevin CreleyKevin Creley specializes in artistic golf course photography. He works hard to create images that capture the magic of each and every layout. It is also important to him that each photograph defines a sense of place. He strives to make each and every image stimulate a golfer's desire to play that course.

By crafting photographs that appeal to a player's love of the game, Kevin helps courses present a better image. Whether a framed photograph, in print, in the press, or on the internet, Kevin’s images can help your course build its reputation. After all, one of the best ways to attract more green fee players and new members alike is to catch their attention. Kevin's artistic golf course images do just that.


Kevin Creley is a life-long avid golfer with many years of experience in golf and travel photography. In the last several years he has done a lot of work with real estate and become a specialist for high-end 360° panoramas. Please visit www.tonda.net to see more of his panoramic imaging.

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